FFAM360 Selects ComplyARM Dashboard as Compliance Solution

The FFAM360 group of Companies has selected to deploy ComplyARM Dashboard as the foundation of their compliance management system across its entire organization. Over the next few months, the internal teams at FFAM360 will be receiving training and support from our ComplyARM external partner for the rollout of this new technology.

“After evaluating all the different compliance tools available, we found ComplyARM to be the most robust and it provides us with solutions for all areas of compliance management, not just complaint/dispute tracking. The ComplyARM team has more than 40 years combined experience in accounts receivable management and have included their industry knowledge into their software,” said President Mary Maloney. “We pride ourselves on providing first class service to our clients, partners and consumers. Using ComplyARM Dashboard gives us another tool to accomplish this mission.”

ComplyARM Dashboard is an online Compliance Management System (CMS) designed by Chief Compliance Officers to improve the tracking and management of compliance related items. Dashboard is a centralized system that creates a collaborative environment for the rapid resolution of complaints/disputes by enabling creditors, buyers and vendor partners to securely work together. Dashboard includes modules for key compliance related tasks including complaint resolution, portfolio acquisition, asset sales, licensing, insurance, partner management and many more.

“We are very excited to have this new technology at our disposal,” said Executive Director of Compliance, Donna Boyd. “The ComplyARM team has clearly put a lot of work into creating such a robust system and we are looking forward to putting it to use. Their team has been very helpful as we have gone through the on-boarding process, making it easy for us to integrate our existing business systems with their platform.”