Innovative Staffing Solutions

In today’s global information-age, big data and predictive analytics are not only affecting the way organizations manage their customers or operations, they are also changing the way they search and retain top talent. At FFAM360 Staffing, we are revolutionizing the talent acquisition lifecycle using proprietary and analytically acute methods in order to search, identify, and screen candidates for our clients. Our innovative staffing solutions allow clients to find available professionals while skipping the burden of training and eliminating time-consuming oversight, all tasks that consume valuable time in your day. So whether your needs are determined by hours, days, or until further notice, FFAM360 Staffing can customize a staffing solution just for you.

Fact: All businesses have the need for temporary staffing at some time. Whether it’s an emergency, sick leave, maternity leave, or a vacant position, you can trust FFAM360 Staffing to provide you with a candidate who is skilled and experienced. Moreover, our staffing model is unique in that we can provide a temporary employee either on-site at your location or remotely from one of our customer care center(s). Therefore, when your resources are limited or if you encounter unforeseen circumstances, FFAM360 Staffing can link directly with your system(s) and provide remote services as if on-site, eliminating the need for training, oversight, and the use of your overhead or technical resources.

FFAM360 Staffing candidates are carefully researched, screened and selected utilizing a proprietary application that leverages Big Data, coupled with our Behavioral DNA and analytical screening tools utilized by our professional talent acquisition recruiters. And because we are located in and around major metropolitan cities, we have extensive populations of highly qualified candidates on a continuous basis. By taking a targeted approach, we match each employee’s unique skill sets for specific client needs. The combination of our unique approach consistently delivers a staffing & recruitment process that produces successful outcomes for our clients and is truly world-class.

“Juanita and I worked together for many years in revenue cycle management before she branched out into staffing. Because she was willing to listen to my exact needs and has a thorough understanding of the medical revenue cycle, she was quickly able to find me the right candidates to meet my needs.”

Revenue Integrity Manager, Morehouse Healthcare

Efficiency and Flexibility

FFAM Staffing 360 maintains a large network of thoroughly vetted, highly qualified, and experienced professionals. We work with our clients to identify and understand your needs, then match you with the individual best-suited to meet those needs. Our strong operational team has more than 80+ years combined experience. Embracing and integrating cutting-edge technology, our team works closely with you to create a strategic, flexible solution to your staffing needs.

Our innovative remote-temporary staffing solution relieves the stress of training, management, and oversight with no restriction on the length of the assignment. Employers incur no expense for onboarding processes such as background checks, drug screenings, and more. With FFAM360 co-managing the employee and removing the burden of day-to-day operations, remote-temporary is an effective way to access a large, highly qualified candidate pool without having to take the focus off your own business.

Our temporary staffing solutions are an ideal method to find highly qualified employees before committing to a permanent hire. Find out if a candidate fits into your company culture before making an offer of permanent employment. FFAM Staffing 360 provides you flexibility through our quality candidates who deliver quality service.