FFAM360 Group of Companies Achieves Record Growth

The FFAM360 Group of Companies (which includes First Financial Asset Management, FFAM360 Capital, FFAM360 Healthcare, and other affiliated entities) has achieved record year-over-year growth from Q-1 2017 as compared to Q-1 2018, the Company’s leadership announced.   Through what management has called a “focused expansion,” and various enhancements in the organizational structure, the fruits of these efforts are paving the way for successful growth and expansion.

Dating back to 2014, FFAM360 and its group of affiliated Companies underwent a groundbreaking reformation of the organizations servicing strategies, client-market focus and organizational cultural mandate.   Led (in part) by Mary Maloney, the President of FFAM360, Mrs. Maloney and management team designed a 3 – 5 year plan that dialed into its “focused expansion & development” plan, directing the Company into niche’ (and highly profitable) client-markets, and investing resources in growing and refining FFAM360’s cultural approach to how it grows its business.  Through these paradigm shifts within the organization, FFAM360 is now experiencing record growth in virtually all areas of the Company as it leads into its sixteenth year of providing comprehensive solutions for business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue cycle management, and receivable purchasing and finance.

Mrs. Maloney praised her management team for their intense focus on the deployment of new service offerings and leveraging a “team-centered” approach to developing new client business. “About 16 months ago, we changed the channel on our customer conversation and management structure. These adjustments paved the way for seven new clients in the first quarter of 2018 and have helped us to achieve deeper clarity into how we can improve our offerings and relationships with our clients and partners.”

For more than 15 years, FFAM360’s commitment to providing high quality services to its clients and their consumers has established it as a best-in-class financial institution specializing in accounts receivable management. Focusing on consumer centric solutions, the FFAM360 group of companies grounds itself in four (4) core values:

  1. Integrity to go Above and Beyond
  2. Compliance Focused
  3. Empowering the Success of their People with the “Golden Rule”
  4. Thinking Outside the Box (Innovation).

These values drive the organization toward significant achievements, such as client and portfolio growth, and strengthen FFAM360’s ability to continue its diversified portfolio of operational and compliance advancements.

About FFAM360

The FFAM360 group of companies were founded in 2002 with the vision of creating a best-in-class organization that provides comprehensive solutions specializing in business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, and receivable purchasing and finance.   The Company is primarily focused on delivering these solutions to clients operating in the Insurance Subrogation, Healthcare, and Financial Service sectors.  Since being founded, FFAM360 has achieved many noteworthy awards and recognitions from clients and industry associations, including being honored by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (“WBENC”) as a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. FFAM deploys world-class people, operations, and technology to deliver revenue-cycle solutions to their clients that optimize their credit and revenue lifecycle. They are headquartered just outside Atlanta, GA, with a additional offices in Phoenix, AZ and Paso Robles, CA.